Public Relations

Rio Blanco County is committed to transparency and community engagement. Public Relations provides information about Rio Blanco County polices, services, programs and initiatives to help citizens stay informed and become involved in local government.  

The Public Relations sub-department prepares press releases and announcements, videos, social media posts, flyers and general publications of Rio Blanco County.  

The Public Information Officer, Makala Barton, is responsible for: 
  • Internal Communications (employees)
  • External Communications (public)
  • Media Communications (news releases)
  • Graphics Design, Photography & Videography
  • Oversight of the County's website
  • Public information and public relations assistance to the Board of County Commissioners 
  • Responding to requests for general information about Rio Blanco County
For more information or general questions please email us. 

For all CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) requests please click here
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    Makala Barton

    Economic Development Coordinator