Plan Your Own Project - A Broadband Blueprint

Resources for Planning Your Own Broadband Project 
This section is a description of Rio Blanco County’s Broadband Project. It is not comprehensive, does not imply any endorsement of a particular approach or a specific vendor or provide legal advice. Each community's needs are unique as are the solutions they will want to employ. The documentation provided below is an example of Rio Blanco County’s approach to its unique  situation and is not intended to be for use by any other entity without extensive modification both from an IT and legal standpoint.
Resource List
Link Synopsis
 Colorado State Broadband Portal
  •  This site is dedicated to the collaboration and coordination of broadband efforts in Colorado.
 DOLA - Broadband Program
NTIA Website - BroadbandUSA Several useful links including:
FTTH Council - Community Toolkit
  • Awesome help with FTTH (Fiber to the Home) community model
Craig Settles -
  • Online radio style interviews of other community projects
  • Building the Gigabit City Book
Mountain Connect
  • Excellent Annual, Colorado Conference on Broadband
Educate Yourself - Kindle Store
  • Start your own digital book collection on broadband, fiber, wireless
  • Listen to them (text to speech) on road trips or during your daily commute