Vision Statement
Rio Blanco County and its partners will implement and maintain IT infrastructure and services resulting in Rio Blanco County positioning itself as a modern, world class destination for:
  • An ideal place to raise, educate, and retain your family
  • Business growth
  • Safe, healthy, happy living
  • Tourism
Logo - Rio Blanco Broadband
The county will accomplish this by implementing a fiber to the home (FTTH) solution in Meeker and Rangely and a licensed high bandwidth fixed wireless back haul system across a countywide tower network for the delivery of modern high speed broadband, cellular, and emergency services (ES) within the next 3 years.
Overview of the Project
View the Community Broadband Network's Podcast, this is a 23 minute interview between Community Broadband Networks and Rio Blanco County's IT Director focusing on the broadband project.

RBC's Broadband Policy Goals
  • Best Price
  • Fastest Service (such as high speed internet)
  • Robustness  (internet, Phone, TV, Backup, etc.)
Broadband is less about getting ahead as a community, as it is about maintaining relevancy as a community.

How Fiber Works
The following video by  Bill Hammack the "Engineerguy" out of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Illinois - Urbana, explains Fiber Optic Cable: How They Work.