Title & Registration

NOTE: The County Clerk's office will be in our temporary location at 1032 Jennifer Drive from February 12, 2016 through December 31, 2016 (or until further notice).  Our mailing address of PO Box 1067, Meeker, CO 81641 remains the same, as does our phone number 970-878-9460.
Application for motor vehicle titles and registration must be made in the county of residence or in the county in which the vehicle is domiciled. ID is required for all title transactions.
  1. Filing a Lien

    If the vehicle has a lien to be recorded, an acceptable security agreement must be provided.

  2. License Plates

    View how to register for different license plates, including personal plates.

  3. New Residents

    View the requirements and exceptions for titling and registering a vehicle for new residents.

  4. Off Highway Vehicles & Snowmobiles

    Get details about registering off highway vehicles and snowmobiles.

  5. Purchasing a Vehicle

    Learn which documents are required for registration or a newly purchased vehicle.

  6. Selling a Vehicle

    Review the requirements for selling a vehicle in Rio Blanco County.

  7. Special Mobile Machinery

    All mobile machinery that is used on or off road must be registered.

  8. Special Title Transfers

    Learn which titles require special transfers and how to complete the transfer.