Impact Fees

The impact fee is a one-time fee, not an ongoing fee or tax. The fee will be assessed at the permitting stage of a project. Impact fees collected must be held in a special account and can only be used to pay for capital facilities made necessary by the new development. The impact fees cannot be used to patch a road, but they can be used to build a new road or upgrade a road from County specification to State specification so it can withstand the heavy traffic. The Impact Fee Schedule (PDF) is an outline of all impact fees and how to determine the impact on all projects.

For industrial projects the fee is primarily based on the Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL) Estimate (XLS).

For residential and non-residential commercial building projects the fee is based on the size of the building and is calculated per 1,000 sq. ft. (unit) or parts of units.

The State Statute allows for an affordable housing exemption of impact fees for new residences valued at $250,000 or less. The level of exemption was calculated using the average mortgage borrowing power of the median household income in Rio Blanco County. New residences valued over $250,000 incur an impact fee.